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Home Damaged by Hurricane

Wind damage often allows water to enter a home and cause extensive interior damage to drywall, flooring, and personal property. If a tree impacted your home, you may have experienced substantial, but hidden structural damage. Most adjusters are not adequately trained to properly identify and estimate these types of damages. The attorneys at McRae & Metcalf specialize in construction litigation and are ready to help with your homeowner’s claim, including determining what coverages your policy provides, properly estimating all of your damage, hidden or otherwise, and ensuring that you receive what your policy requires.

Condo Owner Claim

Usually individual condo owner policies cover the paint and the contents of individual condos. The condo association covers the common elements shared among the condo owners such as the roof, drywall, and structural elements. Many times damage to individual condo units arises from damage covered by the condo association. If your individual condo unit or condo association sustained damage from Hurricane Michael, please contact us today so that we can provide a free case analysis and help you and your condo association recover what is owed under each insurance policy.